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This is not your standard musical theatre where the same few students are the stars and everyone else is a wallflower. Dreda and Bruno foster the most inclusive, creative and collaborative theatre spaces, where every child, no matter their experience or ability, has a central part in creation and production.

~ May (Parent)

The classes are so fun and entertaining. I like the variety between acting, music and dance. Dreda makes me feel comfortable about being on stage.

Alex, 9

It’s been great doing drama with Dreda I’ve learned so much like to project my voice on stage or how to always face the audience. She is also super fun and plays games with us. She is very patient and if you need something she will help you. I love drama because of Dreda!

Lee, 11

Dreda and Bruno are genuinely caring people and worked so hard to build relationships with our children.  This relationship is the foundation of good teaching and learning.  In addition, they are uniquely multi-talented talented individuals that are passionate about the arts and that passion is infectious.  Dreda and Bruno are the most amazing arts teachers in the world!  They are full of life and energy, and always have smiles on their faces.  They have, and continue to have, a meaningful impact on the lives of our children.

~ Christine & Mitch (Parents)

Really fun games! I especially like the game 'Dreda Says'.

Hugo, 9

Dreda's classes are really fun and creative. The best part is that we write our own plays!

Cam, 14

Dreda and Bruno have always been my favourite for musical theatre. They always include everyone who is there. They are super nice and play all kinds of fun games. I have known them for more than two years now and I highly recommend them. They are the best!

Norah, 8

My kids could not be more excited to get out the door - including the one who said he didn't like theatre!

~ Anna (Parent)

Dreda and Bruno's energy and passion for the arts is absolutely infectious. And the productions they come up with are nothing less than magic. They are geniuses at following the children's own artistic instincts and somehow weaving it all into a cohesive show that not only showcases the children's talents, but is also a pleasure to watch.

~ Ziysah (Parent)

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